2023 Mahindra New Scorpio-N Price, Specification, Image, Features, Mileage & these 7 Amazing Colors

Mahindra New Scorpio-N

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New good news for Scorpio lover Mahindra’s new Scorpio-N has arrived and people have now come to know about its many new features, but while buying a car, the most important thing is about the color of the car, how many color options the car will have. is coming and what color is your favorite

Mahindra New Scorpio-N Launch Date.

So, Mahindra has Newly launched the New Scorpio-N. This 7 seater SUV will be available at Mahindra dealerships from July 5 and its test driving has also started. And this New 7 seater SUV to be come with 7 color option.

7 color options In Mahindra New Scorpio-N

The newly launched Scorpio-N is available in 7 Seven color options including Everest White, Dazzling Silver, Red Rage, Deep Forest, Grand Canyon, Napoli Black and also Royal Gold in total 7 color options. You can see all these cars one by one in the pictures below.

  • Everest White
  • Dazzling Silver
  • Red Rage
  • Deep Forest
  • Grand Canyon
  • Napoli Black
  • and also Royal Gold.

Variants List of New Mahindra Scorpio-N

There are manly 6 six type of variant available in this New Mahindra Scorpio-N.

  • Z2 petrol variant
  • Z4 petrol variant
  • Z6 diesel variant
  • Z8 diesel variant MT Awd
  • Z8L diesel variant
  • Scorpio-N Z8L 6S diesel variant AT

At present, this car is available in 6 variants including Z2, Z4, Z6, Z8, Z8L, Z8L6S. Talking about the price, the price of its Z2 petrol variant is Rs.11,99,000 lakh. The price of Z4 petrol variant is Rs.13,49,000 lakh.
The price of Z6 diesel variant is Rs 14,99,000 lakh. Will be on 21st July, the price of Marriott which has been mentioned is the price of all ex-showroom.

Mahindra New Scorpio-N Price, Specification, Features, Mileage

Engine Specification of Scorpio-n Line

Mahindra’s Newly Launched Scorpio N comes with 2.2L m-Hawk diesel engine and 2.0 m-Stallion Turbo petrol engine. This car comes with 6-speed manual transmission MT and 6-speed automatic option AT.

Barber Scorpio Control Features

A great touch screen system has been given in the car, through the given Adrenox feature, many new functions of the car like windows, engine Star-stop, sunroof, headlamp etc. are controlled, this new function of the car is tremendous.

New Features

Mahindra New Scorpio N Feather Light Electric Power Steering4 Disc Brakes 6 Air Bags With ABS With EBD Comes With New Features This Car Comes With 4Wheel Drive WD New System

Power Terrain Mode

The Scorpio also gets dual zone temperature control AC so that the drive and the rest of the passenger can set different temperatures for themselves, along with 4 power terrain modes, normal snow, mud and sand.

Mahindra has not omitted any of the features of the new Scorpio, which are found in this everyday car, in this way you get to see the feature of sunroof also let us tell you that there is a special suggestion that you are giving a special suggestion that travel in any car with sunroof. While doing the sunroof especially both children and elders should not be allowed to peep out, the sunroof is not meant to peep, but in pleasant weather you can open it.

Inker is built on the next generation platform, for which the highest in steel is used

High command seat

The seat of these Scorpio cars is a very high command seat in the SUV category, the company claims that this car has been given the highest command positioning Bali driver seat in its segment, along with the third number seats in it as fast as the old Scorpio. Instead of giving fencing, they are given on the front side like the second number line.

Exterior Design of Mahindra New Scorpio-N

Its interior has also been made very attractive to see, many new features of the car can also be controlled from the given infotainment screen.

Interior Design of Mahindra New Scorpio-N

Its interior has also been made very attractive to see, many new features of the car can also be controlled from the given infotainment screen.

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